Monday, September 29, 2008

September 2008 New Moon

For my new moon ritual, I decided to take Sacred Suzie's advice and "listen to the voice that's gotten small and speaks in whispers because it hasn't been heard in so long but it's still trying." The response I got was surprising, to say the least. It said "Be still." This, despite my desperate feelings of stagnation. I guess I need to stop struggling, and let things unfold. Perhaps all of my frantic emotional energy is just making things worse..... at any rate, I have vowed to do my best to spend at least fifteen minutes a day at my altar for the next cycle of the moon. Should be interesting.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Mabon 2008

I love the autumn equinox. The energy is moving towards the dark half of the year; there's a mystery and a chill in the air; the spirits are stirring -- but it's still fairly warm out. The light has a different cast, and soon I'll be pulling out my favorite olive green velvet jacket to walk and ride under the leaves as they begin to turn. It's the start of the best time of year, the time of hot apple cider with cinnamon, of pumpkins and falling leaves against clear blue skies.

This year, I am having some minor (I hope) health problems which may explain part of why I have ha some trouble connecting with all of that. But my Mabon ritual has me back in alignment with the turning seasons, if not with my blood sugar. As usual, I brought out fresh produce grown in my town - this year an apple, a potato, a tomato, and a green pepper (I love the contrast between summer and autumn foods there! It's the perfect physical metaphor for this time of balance) as an offering. I tranced to my Mabon chant* and was reminded of all the spiritual resources at my disposal for both peace and inspiration. Then I did a rune reading which I am still puzzling over (I think it is saying that the trials and constraints placed on me from my depression are finally propelling me to journey towards a sense of "home," but I may be reading my own desires into that).

I hope you all had a wonderful first day of autumn!

*"Day and night are equal,
The circle turns again.
Summer time is far behind
but the spirit will grow strong"

Monday, September 15, 2008

Full Moon Reminder

I really need to remember to pay more attention to the moon. I just finished my full moon ritual. Rather than participating in Sacred Suzie's full moon manifestation collages this month, I decided to simply honor the moon by listening and talking and offering homage. It was -- as always -- a profoundly energizing experience. I should remember to make that connection on other nights, as well. It isn't as if she is only out one night a month!

Tonight also served to remind me how far I have strayed from those mysteries that first called me to my path. It is autumn, and I have felt the changing weather, but how much have I been touched by the slow drawing aside of the veil? To what extent have I allowed myself to be touched by those autumnal energies I am usually so keenly attuned with? Not much. I can't afford to let that continue. If I don't manage to engage in this season, commune with these mysteries, I will hardly be emotionally healthy enough to endure the winter.

I need to stop allowing myself to become so distracted from what I know is important to me.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

I'm back!

I am back from my unscheduled hiatus! With luck, regular posting shall resume shortly.

It recently came to my attention that although I have not made it out to my favorite wooded area once this year, I have still spent more time outside than I probably have in years. But all that time has been spent on my bicycle. It's a different form of communion with nature than I am used to -- less tactile, for instance, as I can not reach out and caress the foliage (yes, I do that). But in other ways, I have become far more tuned to the seasons that I have ever been before. Since I have been riding my bicycle to work almost every day for a year now, I know about every subtle shift in the temperature. I am far more sensitive to impending rain. I have a better feeling for when the sun rises and sets. All of this is good and important, and I'm grateful to have this experiential knowledge. That said, I still miss the intimacy of walking through the woods and feeling the ground beneath my feet, or running water around my toes. With luck, I'll manage to get some of that this autumn, before the snow comes back and has us all running for hibernation again.